How to get to Tokyo Station Ichibangai

About Tokyo Station Ichibangai

Tokyo Station Ichibangai is a commercial facility located directly below the Tokaido Shinkansen platform at Tokyo Station and boasts a length of 400 meters, the same length as the platform.
Gourmet foods and specialty products from not only Tokyo but also from all over Japan are gathered here, and there are numerous excellent products, experiences that cannot be had, and gourmet foods that cannot be tasted that can only be purchased at “Tokyo Station Ichibangai.
There are also many limited-time-only events and pop-up stores, so no matter how many times you visit, you will always have something new to discover.
Another great point is that many of the stores offer duty-free shopping.

Tokyo Station Ichibangai has three floors from the first basement to the second floor, and the following six areas are located on each floor.

Tokyo Ramen Street
Tokyo Character Street
Tokyo Okashi Land
Tokyo Gift Palette
Nippon, Gourmet Kaido
Tokyo Gourmet Zon

How to get there

Right outside the Yaesu Exit of JR Tokyo Station


It is an underground shopping mall in Tokyo Station. There are some delicious restaurants.
You can also buy a variety of sweets and breads.
Character Street is a very fun place with many nostalgic character products.


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