All you have to know about Sumida River Water Bus

There are two water bus companies that offer Sumida River cruises. The following is a summary of the main differences between the two companies.

TOKYO CRUISE” is a sightseeing route that runs through the center of Tokyo, connecting Asakusa, Toyosu, Odaiba, and other areas.

It was founded about 100 years ago in the Meiji era (the company name at that time was Sumida River Steamship Company), and has been in operation since the days when steam locomotive boats called “Issen Steam” (one-hundredth of a yen = about 100 yen in today’s currency) were popular with the common people.

The Sumida River and Tokyo Bay are the main areas. It may be used as a means of transportation.

The greatest feature of the “Tokyo Waterfront Line,” on the other hand, is the large number of places to board. The Tokyo Waterfront Line has a wider range than the Tokyo Cruise, and includes long tours of the Kasai Rinkai Park and the Arakawa River, as well as tours of a wide area of Tokyo, such as the Sumida River, Odaiba, Kasai Rinkai Park, the Arakawa River, and the Sumida River.

There are several types of ships: Himiko, Hotaruna, and Emeraldus, three types of sightseeing boats designed by manga artist Leiji Matsumoto!

Asakusa boarding terminal at Azumabashi

The water bus terminal is located at Azuma-bashi Bridge near Asakusa Station.

A ticket is required to board the water bus.

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket vending machine at the terminal or reserved in advance on the website:

There are many routes that start and end at Asakusa, and they do not run every day, so check the website in advance to confirm the dates and times.

Fares vary depending on the route and the type of boat you take.

Comparison of Tokyo Waterfront Line and TOKYO CRUISE

Types of Sumida River Passage

Tokyo Waterfront Line,
There are two basic types of services: station-by-station service and express service.

Asakusa-Odaiba direct route (50-60 minutes)
Asakusa→Odaiba→Toyosu (70 minutes)
Asakusa→Hinode Pier→Odaiba (60 minutes)
Asakusa→Hamarikyu→Hinode (40 min.)
Hinode Pier→Odaiba (20 min.)
Asakusa round trip (30 min.)
Asakusa→Nihonbashi (30 min.)


Compare with the fare from Asakusa to Odaiba Kaihin Koen.

Tokyo Waterfront Line is,
Adult 1,200 yen (tax included)
Half price for elementary school students
Preschool children are free per adult.

Adults 1720 yen (tax included), Adults 1380 yen via Hinode Pier
Half price for elementary school students
Preschool children are free per adult, and elementary school students are charged for the number of children in excess of the adult.

Tokyo Waterfront Line is a little cheaper.
TOKYO CRUISE’s direct service offers a ride on a cool ship designed by Leiji Matsumoto of Galaxy Express 999 fame.

fixed number of regular personnel

The Tokyo Waterfront Line consists of three vessels: the Sakura and the Ajisai, each with a capacity of 140 passengers,
The three vessels are almost identical in design.

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