Kagoshima must buy recommended 10 gifts,souvenirs

Kagoshima is famous for Takamori Saigo, and souvenirs such as black pork and shochu are standard. For those who are worried about which one to buy from many souvenirs, we will present the 10 best souvenirs in Kagoshima.

“Karukan” is a popular dish in Kagoshima. This is gaining popularity as a colorful Japanese confectionery wrapped in bean paste wrapped in rice flour. There are three types: potato type, mugwort type, and simple type.

2.Roasted potatoes

There are many sweets and souvenirs using sweet potatoes in Kagoshima, a famous sweet potato producing area, but one of them is “Yakikaraimo Taitairo”. Sweet potatoes can also enjoy the original gentle sweetness, so This is also recommended for those who are not good at sweets.

3.Assorted sweet potatoes

One of the most popular souvenirs in Kagoshima is Satsumaage. One of the most popular is Tsutsukiyoan’s assorted Satsumaage. The variety of Satsuma-age is exquisite even if eaten as it is. The price range also varies greatly depending on the quantity, so This is very attractive to be able to adjust the price and quantity according to the recipient.

Japan snacks!

4.Shaved ice


If you want to buy a souvenir of the famous white bear, shark ice, we recommend the “Shirokuma Baby Set”, which is sold by “Tenmonkan Mujaki” and is packed with about half the normal size of the white bear. This is a recommended dish that is packed with the taste of “Shirokuma” eaten in Kagoshima. If you bring it back normally, it will melt, so it is recommended that you order it on the official website rather than bring it back.



Satsuma steamer souvenir “Kasutadon” is so famous. This is a steamed confectionery made with a rich sponge of rich custard cream using plenty of eggs from Kagoshima’s famous fighting chicken (Satsuma chicken).

6.Fukamushi chagin(Deep brown tea gold)

Kyoto and Shizuoka are considered to be representative of tea, but in fact Kagoshima is also one of Japan’s leading tea producing areas. “Fukamushi Cha”, which has a fresh but deep flavor, is an excellent dish in all flavors, colors, tastes and aromas using carefully selected tea leaves. This is very popular as souvenirs and gifts.

7.Delicious kurozu

“Kuruzu” is a drink that can drink vinegar, which is said to be good for health, like a juice. There are various flavors, and you can drink vinegar while enjoying the flavor and sweetness of the fruit. As this is a colorful product, so this is often useful as a souvenir for women.

There are many flavors such as citron, ripe apple, blueberry, shikuwasa, plum and ginger, all of which are very easy to drink. You can enjoy various ways such as water splitting, milk and soda splitting, toppings such as ice cream and yogurt.

8.Bonito changer

The souvenir that is loved as a Kagoshima delicacy is “Katsuo Chanja”.This is a recommended dish that you can enjoy the taste of bonito in pungency, and also recommended to make “bonito change rice balls” at home.

Excellent compatibility with shochu from Kagoshima, perfect for souvenirs for those who like alcohol. This is delicious if you eat it as it is, but This is also delicious if you put it on rice, cold fried rice or ochazuke( simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea). Suitable for various dishes such as fried rice, bibimbap, and spicy tofu.

9.Satsuma chocolate chips

“Satsuma Chocolate Chips” are sweets coated with 52% cacao bitter chocolate, using “Kogane Senuki”, a sweet potato from Kagoshima that is also used for Kagoshima sweet potato shochu.

As the bitter chocolate enhances the sweetness of the potato, This is a candy that you can enjoy without leaving out the original flavor of the potato. By using 52% cacao bitter chocolate instead of milk chocolate or white chocolate, the taste is balanced with bitterness and sweetness.

10.Black grilled pork


Speaking of Kagoshima, it is black pork, but the finest grilled pork that uses such luxurious black pork from Kagoshima is Shimadaya’s “black pork grilled pork”. It is a luxurious souvenir that you can enjoy the rich taste of pork.

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