Tokyo’s new landmark “Toranomon hills”

In June 2014, “Toranomon hills” opened in the famous business district. There are offices, houses, restaurants, restaurants and so on in the 52-storey and 247-meter-high buildings.

There are 24 restaurants on the 1st to 4th floors. In order to satisfy foreign tourists, we offer a variety of dining options and can enjoy dishes from all over the world.

For example, in addition to sushi, you can taste healthy Japanese and Japanese-made wines or Japanese sake restaurants throughout Japan; taste the top Kobe beef steak restaurant; use your own farm-grown vegetables and homemade pasta, etc.

Italian restaurant with ingredients; Spanish bar that is not easy to book; healthy, delicious and beautiful, from Hong Kong’s coffee shops & restaurants. Can choose according to the mood at the time.

In addition, the outdoor space of 6,000 square meters is also the characteristics of the Tiger’s Gate. The open space is also fascinating, such as the dining room on the open terrace facing the “Oval Square” with lawns. In addition, in order to enjoy the fun of enjoying the midday picnic on the lawn, the “Tiger’s Gate Hill Coffee Shop” on the 1st floor has a rental picnic mat, which can take a relaxing time with sandwiches and coffee. I can feel the nature in the city center.

Toranomon has the meaning of “Tiger Gate” as its name suggests, because the “Tiger’s Royal Gate”, one of the outer gates of Edo Castle, is here, so its name remains here. In addition, there are also the gates of the Tiger Gate, the Biro Palace and the Aizu Shrine, which convey the sights of the past.

The Gate of the Tiger Gate is a new complex located between popular tourist areas such as Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, and Imperial Palace. Please feel free to experience the future of Tokyo.


Address: 1 to 4, 23 Toranomon 1 cho-me, Minatoku, Tokyo

Access: Ginza Line Toranomon station 5 minutes walk via exit 1

Hibiya Line Kamiyacho station 6 minutes walk via exit 3


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