What is Namahage?

The original form of such a horrible dress comes from the visiting god who brings auspiciousness

While shouting “Is there a child who loves crying!”, I will visit the ghosts of each household. On the annual ceremonies held on New Year’s Eve in the evening, there are children who are afraid of the ghosts because of masks, dresses and shouts.

However, in fact, the ghost is to abandon the disaster for the families visited and bring auspicious gods.

In the entire area of the Male Deer Peninsula, “Men Deer Ghosts”, different villages have different masks, costumes and ritual rules.

In the real mountain area, the ghosts will first be told to visit, and the ghosts who are allowed to enter the home will walk around at home while shouting and admonishing.

The owner of the home will appease the ghosts, take out good wines and treat the dishes, and answer questions about the family. Straw dropped from the clothes “KED (straw-made clothing)” worn by Ghosts will be cherished and collected in order to protect the disease-free and disaster-free.

The “Men Deer Ghost” festival is an important festival to persuade people not to slack off and pray for the New Year’s peace in the New Year.

Visit the attractions where you can experience the “Gorman Devil”

If you can’t go to the male deer on New Year’s Eve, you can also go to other activities and attractions that can experience ghosts.

In February, the “Mengsan Shrine” is held at the venue. People dressed as ghosts dance around the raging fires in the shrine, and the majestic Taiko performances, and the ghosts from all regions gather together to hold a full-fledged festival.

In the “Ghost Hall”, there are 150 masks of ghosts actually used on New Year’s Eve. You can compare the differences in each area. It also prepares a movie that you have edited for the New Year’s Eve Ghost Festival and a experience zone for the devil.


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