What is the Tsugaru shamisen?

Among the traditional Japanese musical instruments, the ukulele “Tsugaru shamisen goto”, which was born in the Aomori area, is unique because of its tone and special playing method.

The player plays a rich and unique sound with a unique playing style like a string, and instantly captures the hearts of the audience. Today, in addition to Japan, fans are also spread all over the country.

On the occasion of your visit to Japan, please be sure to enjoy the performance of this traditional instrument.

The instrument of the ukulele is played by three strings and dials. The size of the instrument is divided into three types: fine, medium and too.

The Tsugaru ukulele is the largest of the three types of banjos. The playing method is to take the form of a string, which is quite different from the other two ukuleles.

The ukulele originated from the instrument that was introduced to Okinawa from China in the 16th century or so, and then gradually began to be played by many people throughout Japan. At that time, the melody of the fine and the lieutenant was popular, and the stage music such as Kabuki was also used.


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