The world of deep blue lakes and bats with blue light flashing – Ryusendo Cave (Iwate Prefecture)

There are five species of bats in the Ryusendo Cave, and the caves are designated as national natural monuments of Japan along with these bats. During the visit, you can see the stalactites that are decorated with five-color LED lights, and the blue underground lake that is 98 meters deep and the lake is “Dragon Blue”. After enjoying the roaming of mysterious caves surrounded by rich nature, it is also fun to walk along the nearby Shimizu River.

“Full length of the tour route”: the length of the total length of more than 3.6 kilometers (currently under investigation), 700 meters open to passengers

Temperature: average temperature 10 ° C up and down


There are very few tourists here, because Morioka is about 2 hours drive from here, but it is really worth seeing.

We are starting at 9:00 am, just along the way is the season of maple red, there is a way on the way The large lake is called the cave lake, and the whole piece is beautiful maple leaves. Ryusendo Cave is one of the three major stalactite caves in Japan.

It is really shocking to go in and visit!! Admire the power of nature, and the pool in the cave is especially lit. It can be seen very clearly that the underwater cave is really deep and worthy. Come here to visit!!

From Morioka, we arranged a journey that was completed in one day. From Morioka, take a bus to Miyako to see the land of the Pure Land. From the Miyako Railway to the Izumi Izumi, I took the bus to Ryusendo Cave and watched it exactly at 16:00. A bus back to Morioka, the perfect day.

Take the bus to Ryusendo Cave, I saw that the surrounding environment is quiet, the stream is beautiful, I think it will be more beautiful in autumn, the local shop and restaurant are not lacking, I bought the ticket, and it is bundled and sold, tied with the Ryusendo new hole, first No matter, if you go into the hole, the temperature inside is about 10 degrees all year round. I wear a short sleeve a little less, but it is not bad to climb up and down the body. It is recommended to add clothing.

The camera basically can’t shoot anything inside. This Ryusendo Cave is one of the three big stalactite caves. It has its own uniqueness. The path of the tour is to go up through a river under the river.

It will pass through three underground lakes along the way. The lake can be said to be the essence of Ryusendo Cave. One is deeper than one, and one is more beautiful than one. Because the light sinks in, let the lake emit a strange blue light, which is very mysterious.

It has to climb a long ladder in the middle. From the highest point, you can look down, you can skip it if you have poor physical strength or inconvenience, but you can climb and come and climb, and finally end the adventure of this cave.

Overall, this Ryusendo Cave is quite good. It is worthy of the three big holes. It has a fight with the  Cave, one of the three big holes I went to. It is worth a visit, but the transportation fee is quite expensive. It is recommended to come, just like me. Play together with Miyako.

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