Ehime must buy recommended 10 gifts,souvenirs

Speaking of Ehime Prefecture, many people think of Ehime mandarin orange. Ehime = Many people have the impression that they are oranges. However, Ehime has many other popular souvenirs. Here are 10 selected souvenirs for you.

Pon juice is now known nationwide, but there are sweets that have collaborated with popular products such as gummy and tirol chocolate. Above all, “Pon Juice Colon” has a reputation for being delicious with a refreshing citrus scent, so why not try it once by all means? The price is around 630 yen for 6 boxes.

At the Saisai Ikiteya shop in Imabari City and Matsuyama Airport, when you turn the water tap faucet, pon juice comes out (limited time only). In addition, “Mikkan rice”, which cooks rice with pon juice, is also famous.

2.Barry’s goods

This is a Barry, a loose character in the Imabari region that is already immovable and popular all over the country. Very cute goods are sold everywhere. If you buy it as a souvenir, everyone will definitely be pleased.

Barry’s goods are available everywhere in the prefecture, so This is one of the charms that it is easy to get. The price is 250 yen in Bali’s memo (large).


This is Iyokan, a special product of Ehime. The season is from January to February, and is harvested earlier in the region from late November. The sweet and sour balance is good and the fragrance is good.

Prices start at around ¥ 2,000 for 2kg for home use.

4.Oguri tart

Speaking of Ehime, the Ichiroku tart and the Rokutoya tart are also famous, but the chestnuts are also famous and popular. An elegant dish that matches a big chestnut with bean paste mixed in.

The price is about 1,028 yen for 5 individual packages.

5.Bochan dumpling

One of Matsuyama’s famous confections, derived from Natsume Soseki’s novel “Botchan”. Matsuyama is said to have delicious Japanese sweets, so why not try it once? “Utsuboya” where is particular about natural materials is famous.

The price is about 756 yen for 8 pieces.

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6.Taimeshi no moto

Taimeshi is a typical local dish in which a slice of raw bream is tangled in a sauce and eaten on hot rice. This sea bream is frozen, and it comes with a set of fresh sea bream and Kadoya special sauce. You can taste it.

The price is around 850 yen for one person.

7.Daifuku in the foggy forest

Kiriforimori Daifuku is the finest dish made carefully by hand, using completely pesticide-free matcha from Shingu Village, Ehime Prefecture, famous for tea. You can enjoy the harmony of bittersweet matcha, moderately sweet Koshian, and fresh cream. There is also online sales, but This is a lottery sale, so it is hard to get it, so This is one item that you want to get locally in any way.

The price is about 1,000 yen for 8 pieces.



Jakoten is a small fish caught in the sea near Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, which is ground and fried. In addition to getting the whole fish nutrition, This is a souvenir that is especially pleasing to those who like drinking.

Jakoten is a local dish of the Nanyo region of Ehime prefecture.

he price is about 150 yen per piece.

9.Imabari Towel

Imabari is the best towel producer in Japan, and Imabari towels are also a standard souvenir in Ehime. There are also characters such as Bali and Hello Kitty, which are especially pleased with women and children.


If you like pottery, or want to experience potter’s wheel or painting, Tobe porcelain is very recommended. You can have a valuable experience with your child, and the pleasure of waiting for baking after three weeks is one of the real pleasures.

Tobe porcelain is produced mainly in Tobe Town, Ehime Prefecture, and is also designated as an intangible cultural property in Ehime Prefecture. The mountains around this area were blessed with high quality pottery stones, and the lord of the time, Yasuki Kato, ordered the production of ceramics in order to rebuild the Osu clan’s finances. It is said. The price is about 850 yen for Tobeyaki Tourist Center cake dish painting.

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