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Where are they Located?

Toshin Winery (東晨洋酒) is a winery situated in Yamanashi Prefecture. This wines are created by Rugger Man of Yamanashi.

The greater part of his wines are exceptionally restricted. In this way, every wines that he puts a wide range of his heart power to his wines and every wines has his exceptional flavors.

Amid the gathering season, you can appreciate grape picking too. You can likewise appreciate production line visit. It has a colossal wine that uses Sake Bottols.


Toshinyousyu is a winery situated in Yamanashi city, Yamanashi prefecture. It is little winery has an awesome wines that produced using nearby grape of Yamanashi city. The onwer produce the every wines with his thought and great.

The majority of his wines contain no Chemical Fertilzer, no Antioxidant, and produced using crisp nearby grape ranch around his shop.

Yamanashi Local Culture: Mujin (無尽)

Individuals in Yamanashi Prefecture have the best solid life, individuals who needn’t bother with any therapeutic consideration, in Japan. One of the primary reasons that make individuals in Yamanashi in incredible wellbeing condition is the their nearby drinking society called “Mujin.”

Initially, Mujin was the store found by nearby individuals for that any one in the gathering could utilize their cash for any sorts of crisis need.

Today, individuals are not doing hold discovered any longer, but rather individuals still social affair and beverage.

For Mujin party, individuals use not Sake, but rather nearby wine. Since they drink throughout the night with different companions, they drink Sake Bottoled Wine that contains 2 Litter of wine. Drinking wines with companions under Mujin Party. are the immense element of their sound condition.


Official Web Site

use JR Chuo Line to Yamanashishi Station.


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