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Where are they Located?

Doll Shop Tanabe (人形の田辺, ningyonotanabe) is a stockroom of Kimekomi Dolls situated in Asakusabashi. Kimekomi Doll is a conventional Japanese create that is produced using wooden body and enhanced by Japanese fabrics.

Doll Shop Tanabe has all apparatuses and supplies requirement for Kimekomi Dolls.

It has a great many Kimono fabrics and several the doll bodies. They additionally have a glass cases, collapsing screen, Tatami sleeping pad for the dolls.


“Joy of making dolls, delight of adorning dolls.”

Kimekomi Dolls is one of customary Japanese create that has more than 260 years of age. The main dolls were made by Takahashi Tadashige for Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.


“Enjoyment of making dolls, delight of finishing dolls.”

Tanabe has over a large number of Kimono Fabrics, and around hundred sorts of bodies for Kimekomi Dolls.

They additionally have a glass cases, collapsing screen, Tatami sleeping cushion for the dolls. One of the prevalent Kimekomi Dolls is the Oriental Zodiac, “Eto.” Tanabe readies the doll of the following year with the goal that you can have them for one year from now’s blessing.

Likewise, Tanabe has not just conventional plans, for example, Hina Dolls, Gogatsu Dolls, additionally it has advanced outline dolls, for example, dolls, snowman, whips, ladybugs, elephants and other western style planning.

Tanabe additionally deals the complete dolls. It will take a week to 10 business days for them to complete the process of making.

Instruments for making Kimekomi Dolls

Paste, produced using potato starch.


Exceptional scissors.

Wood chips.


The procedure of Making Kimekomi Dolls

1. cleaning dolls by sandpapers.

2. include paste in spaces of a section.

3. put Kimono fabric on a section.

4. push the fabric into spaces by oar and draw the figure of a section.

5. cut fabric by the figure of the part.

6. push all additional bit of fabric into the space.

7. move to next part.


use JR Sobu Line To Asakusabashi
Open: 10:00 to 18:00


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