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About Ramen Seiya

This Ramen restaurant has been around for a relatively long time, having opened in November 2014. It is a chain of more than 20 stores located mainly in Tokyo.

Where is the location?

Hello! Today I came to Ramen Seike Kashiwa for the first time.

It is near Kashiwa station. I wanted to try Yokohama Iekei Ramen and was looking for a place near the station, so I went in. It is located right next to the east exit of Kashiwa station, right next to the DayOne tower. This is what it looks like.

A guide to the menu at the restaurant.

It was a reasonably busy weekday afternoon in the world, but there was plenty of room for seating, and we were soon seated at the counter.

The restaurant has 9 counter seats and 4 tables for 4 people. The TV was playing the Giants game.


Seike Set is ¥700 (Ramen & 3 Gyoza & Negimeshi rice)
This is a very reasonable set menu.
Ramen starts from ¥500. It is inexpensive.

You can choose the thickness of the noodles. It was a pain in the ass, so I just said “normal” for all of them. Many people are drinking beer.

You can choose between thick and thin noodles, but I requested thick noodles, which seemed to be the default from the menu photo.

The menu describes the ramen as tonkotsu (pork bone) and chicken broth soy sauce ramen, but it is a mild tasting Yokohama-style ramen with spinach and other ingredients.

The taste is delicious. I think Ike-kei ramen is the best. It may be bad for your health, though.

On the table are pepper, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and other condiments. To the left of the chopsticks, you will also find raayu, soy sauce, and vinegar, presumably for the gyoza.

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Seike Kashiwa

1-6-5 Kashiwa, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
11:00 – 2:30 the next day (L.O.)

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