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About Yamashokado Fuji

Yamashokado Fuji is a popular Jiro-style restaurant in the tradition of Higashi-Ikebukuro Taishokuken!

Yamashokado Fuji is run under the motto of “Always trying new things while keeping the tradition of Kazuo Yamagishi,” who is also known as “the father of tsukemen and the god of ramen!

Yamashokado Fuji has many restaurants, and although it may seem like a Jiro-style restaurant for the masses, the amount of noodles and portions available are quite aggressive, and the pickled garlic is one of the best things about Yamashokado Fuji

The menu is very extensive, including standard items such as “ramen,” “tsukemen,” and “mazesoba,” with variations in taste and flavor, as well as new standard items and limited editions!

The amount of noodles is also set up in detail and is easily understood in a chart!

Choose from two types of chashu pork



The noodles are thin but strong for a Jiro-style noodle!

The noodles are tough, chewy, and firm, with a rich wheat flavor that spreads as you chew and creates a chemical reaction with the soup.

Although the noodles are tough, the skin of the noodle is smooth, and it is good to grind! It is not the kind of noodle you can find in other restaurants, but it is very tasty!

The pork is just as tender and juicy as it should be! The seasoning is also good! If you choose the pork, you can also choose the seared pork, so I’m curious to try that too!

And the garlic in soy sauce is the best thing about Kakunofuji! It works its magic on the back fat, soup, and vegetables, and creates a delicious combination of all the ingredients.

The garlic, the soup, and the vegetables absorbing the fat go together so well that you can eat endlessly! This fat garlic salad is a healthy food!

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