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About  Happy Turn

Happy Turn is a word coined from the combination of “happiness” and “turn.

Happy Turn was launched in 1976, when the economy was very sluggish due to the first oil crisis.

The name “Happy Turn” was coined in the hope that it would bring happiness back to customers.

That is the background behind the name Happy Turn.

Happy Turn was also a candy filled with the kindness of the product developers who wished for everyone’s happiness.

The package looks like this

It’s a delicious taste that really makes you want to stop! I really can’t get enough of this powder! The packaging is cute too. I like it.

This is a special powder happy turn.

Happy Turn’s greatest feature.

That sweet powder on the surface!

This powder, also commonly called “magic powder,” has its own name: Happy Powder.

It seems that there are even Happy Powder enthusiasts out there, and they even have their own recipe for the powder.

It seems that there is even a Happy Powder fanatic, and he even has his own recipe for the powder.

Also, the “powder pocket” on the surface of the rice cracker is said to catch the “Happy Powder” and make it more powdery.

It is interesting to discover new things about the history of sweets that are familiar to us from the past.

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