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About Yukimi Daifuku

Yukimi Daifuku” is a soft and fluffy mochi (rice cake) wrapped in ice cream, with its rounded shape and texture creating a heartwarming and relaxing feeling.

Yukimi Daifuku fresh pudding

Freshly prepared with fresh cream from Hokkaido.

When you bite into a half-sliced Yukimi-dakko, your mouth is filled with soft, slightly sweet mochi and smooth ice cream.

The ice cream tastes like vanilla at first glance, but the aftertaste that leaves your nose is the pudding itself. The taste, which is more creamy than rich, is perfect for spring. The taste is somewhat fresh and refreshing.

Soft rice cake and pudding flavored vanilla ice cream

Yukimi Daifuku Heart Strawberry

The outside of the mochi is also pink in color, reminiscent of strawberries. Even when frozen, the texture is “mochi mochi” (soft and chewy)! And the ice cream is also strawberry flavor. It is a gentle strawberry flavor that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from adults to children! The soft mochi and strawberry ice cream are a perfect match. The taste is unbeatable!

Yukimi Daifuku Shingen mochi

I love both Shingen mochi and Yukimi-dakkappu, so I tried it for sure that it would be delicious. The mochi, which is thicker than regular Yukimi-dakkappu, is filled with kinako-flavored ice cream and in the middle of it is a handsome amount of kuromitsu, both kinako and kuromitsu tasted strong, and my mouth felt exactly like when I ate a Shingen mochi!

It was very tasty.

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