【Snack】I tried to eat Koala March

About Koala March

I found a pile of Koala March at the supermarket, so I bought some.

I opened it right away.

Ingredients are sugar, wheat flour, vegetable fats, cocoa mass, starch, shortening, lactose, whole milk powder, whole eggs, whey powder, and cocoa butter. The rest are additives.

Calories are 266 kcal per 50 g per box.

The lid and bottom of the package are designed to be opened to reveal an amidakuji.

Rocket koala, caterpillar koala, rider koala, boot koala, resort koala….
Yes, yes – they are all different!

About 2.3g each.

As a genre, would they be cookies?

Probably a process of puffing up the dough and injecting chocolate into it. That’s why there are small holes on the back. ……

When I bite into it, you feel the crispy dough and the soft chocolate.

On the other hand, you will also notice the presence of cavities …….

When I look at the cut surface, you will notice that there are more “empty” areas than I expect.

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