How to get to Kitano Tenman Shrine

About Kitano Tenman Shrine

Tenman Shrine, which was moved from Kyoto in 1180 A.D. by Taira Kiyomori, is also dedicated to Michizane Sugawara, the god of wisdom. The word Kitano is actually the name of a nearby place, as is Kitano Ijinkan, where the shrine is located. The shrine’s existing buildings, such as the main shrine, the Tozan, the worship hall, and the torii, date from the early Edo period and are designated as traditional architectural and cultural properties of Kobe City. It is also the best angle to overlook the Kazama Chicken House.

How to get there

Kazami Chicken House 1 minute walk to the east

3 Chome-12 Kitanochō, Chūō-ku, Kōbe-shi, Hyōgo-ken 650-0002, Japan


It is a good place to take a picture of Kazami-no-yakata from a high vantage point. When I went to the shrine, there was a red maple tree in front of a plain backdrop during the red leaf season.

The location is very easy to find, the shrine has a sense of history, but the steps up here are too high, the cherry blossom season is still very beautiful, around two large cherry trees in full bloom, beautiful.

On the right side of the Kazami Chicken House, a long series of steps up is Kitano Tenman Shrine. This is the best place to take a picture of the chicken on top of the Kazami-no-kikan, and it is said that on a good day you can see the harbor from afar. This is also a shrine for marriage, so singles should not forget to pay their respects. There is also a small birdhouse in bright orange like Inari Shrine in Kyoto

In the Kitano Inhabitant Museum, you need to climb a small slope, and then climb the stone stairs about two or three stories high.
A relatively small shrine, mainly seeking academic and love luck, you can see many Ema writing the wish to get into a certain university.
The shrine itself is not very special, but because it is on relatively high ground, next to the Kitano Inhabitant Museum is the Kazama Chicken Museum, which is the best location to overlook the Kazami Chicken Museum. And there are many foreign visitors to the Kitano Inhabitant Museum area, so this shrine is still very busy.

It is an interesting shrine in Tenman, which stands out from the crowded Kitano Inhabitant Street, which is like a small European town with its foreign atmosphere. The worship hall and the main hall are both buildings from the Edo period, and the incense is very strong, and the Ema is basically a prayer for good admission. The platform in front of the shrine overlooks the roof of the Kazama-ikokan.

The first shrine to worship, feel like a Chinese god like Wen Qu Xing, are praying to pass the exam

Only at the door to take pictures ah, really is not particularly clear inside the details, but built on the mountain scenery is good

If the time does not go to go to Mount Rokko, come here can also see the scenery of Kobe. Climbing up to take a large section of stairs.

On the mountain, not big, several gods together a temple. Next to it is the Inhumankan neighborhood.

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