How to get to Blood Pond Hot Spring

About Blood Pond Hot Spring

The hot springs we often see are quite ordinary, that is, ordinary colors, however, in Japan, the land of hot springs, there are a few rare and unusual hot springs, one of which is the Blood Pond Hot Spring, which is a magical red hot spring. Blood Pond Hot Spring is located in Beppu, one of the nine natural hot springs in Beppu, which is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan.

The reason why Blood Pond is famous in Japan is its blood-red colored water, which resembles the imagined sight of hell. Studies have found that the blood-red color of the spring water is due to the richness of the elements in the water. Blood Pond is the oldest hot spring in Japan, known as “Akatsuyu Onsen” from the 8th century. It is rich in acidified iron and resembles a pool of rolling plasma with a loud roar, which is considered by Japanese Buddhists to be a torrent from the underworld of hell, and is so spectacular that people come to admire it and forget that it is a place for bathing. Blood pool ointment made from the blood pool hot springs is popular in Japan as a treatment for foot odor.

How to get there

778 Noda, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture


Beppu is famous for having the largest amount of hot springs in Japan, and there is a place commonly called “Jigoku” (hell) where seven hot springs gush out at Kannawa and a little further away at Kamegawa. I visited “Blood Pond Hell” in Kamegawa on a Kame-no-i Bus scheduled sightseeing tour. As the name suggests, the huge pond that turns red will surely leave a lasting impression. However, it is said to have the lowest temperature among the seven hells. Even so, the temperature of the spring is 78°C. Please note that it is not possible to soak in the spring. The “Blood Pond Ointment” sold at the store by the pond is very famous, and although it costs 1,500 yen, you should definitely try it as a remedy for cuts and scratches.


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