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Kinugawa Onsen (鬼怒川温泉) is Onsen Town situated in Nikko, Tochigi JAPAN.

They are one of the major Onsen Town in Kanto area.

The town is developed by the side of Kinu river and there are numerous natures and wonderful valley, Ryuo Valley. Kinugawa Onsen has numerous Onsen Hotels and around the town, there are additionally numerous vacation destinations, for example, Edomura, Tobu World Squire, Sarugundan and the sky is the limit from there.

Since it is situated close from Niko Shrines and Temples, numerous individuals visit here and appreciate Onsen after their touring.


Initially, Kinugawa Onsen was called Taki Onsen. It was found in 1752 on the westside of Kinu river and on the grounds that it was in the domain of Nikko Temples, just Monks were permit to enter Onsen.

In the Meiji Era Taki Onsen was open for open and they discovered another Onsen on the eastside of Kinu waterway. Around the start of Showa Era, People here begin consolidating two Onsen and call them Kinugawa Onsen.

If you want to go to Kinugawa Onsen, the first step is to book tickets!
If you have a discount coupon online, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

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There are numerous Onsen Hotels which open their Onsen for explorers. There is additionally an open Onsen, which cost 500 yen, and numerous free Ashi-yu (foot bath) and Te-yu, nourishment and hand Onsen.

Nature of Kinu river is exceptionally delightful, particularly, Ryuo Valley has awesome climbing course with waterfalls.

In Fall, you can appreciate wonderful Autumn clears out. Likewise, Kinugawa Onsei is encompassed by the mountain, you can appreciate awesome climbing and even it has the Ropeway to achieve the highest point of mountain.


Access to Kinugawa Onsen (鬼怒川温泉)

use Tobu Line
1. use Tobu Nikko Line to Shimo Imaichi(8 min.)
2. use Tobu Kinugawa Line to Kinugawa Onsen (20 min.)


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