【Sightseeing】Fireworks at Sumidagawa River

Sumida River Fire Works (隅田川花火大会) has the one of the longest history of Fire Works in Japan.

It began 273 years prior in Edo Period. There are two stages to flame 22,000 fire works into the sky. In the first stage, there is Fire Works rivalry. 10 big fire works organizations joined this opposition.

Every year, numerous fire works makers bring their new fire works. In the second Stage, you can appreciate extraordinary fire work exhibitions. This celebration completed with around 3,000 Starmines at one time.


Movement will be control for this celebration. All road around the stage will be just walker. You can have a sheet in the city, so locate your best spot for the best fire works.About 1 million guests will visit this fire work celebration. On the off chance that you need to keep the better view spot, you may need to visit 3 hours before the show begins.


The Sumida River is a river which courses through Tokyo, Japan. It branches from the Arakawa River at Iwabuchi and river into Tokyo Bay. Its tributaries incorporate the Kanda and Shakujii river.

What is presently known as the “Sumida River” was already the way of the Arakawa, however towards the end of the Meiji time work was completed to redirect the principle stream of the Arakawa to avert flooding.

Sumida river at night


Access to Sumida river firework display

1. use JR Yamanote line to Kanda (2 min.)
2. use Ginza Line(metoro) to Asakusa (10 min.) 3. walk north (10 min.)


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