How to get to Manyo Botanical Garden

About Manyo Botanical Garden

It’s ancient, we just happened to catch a period when wisteria was in full bloom and they would hold a special wisteria convention, I guess the garden holds a convention for every plant in its blooming period, right? Many people came to enjoy the flowers. Everyone was very happy.

How to get there

Take bus No. 70, 88, 97, 98 or 133 from JR/Kintetsu Nara Station and get off at Kasuga Taisya Honden.


500 yen, with a World Heritage Card, you can get a discount to 400 yen.


Manyo Botanical Garden is an attraction that I would have ignored while passing by if it weren’t for the Japanese aunt who posted advertisements at the entrance. I didn’t expect Nara to have so many varieties of wisteria at all.

For a plant novice, the white and pink vines did refresh my perception. Perhaps this attraction is insignificant compared to Kasuga Taisha, because most of the visitors are Japanese locals, so it’s a relief to compete with tour groups for speed. The rattan plants are in full bloom at different heights.

Unlike the regular planting seen at Kasuga Taisha and Equality Garden afterwards, the wisteria here blends well into the various scenery, and there is a long wisteria frame walkway that allows users to fragrance all the way. [It is recommended for those who like plants to go in during the flowering season.


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