How to get to Couple’s Grand Shrine

About Couple’s Grand Shrine

Japanese shrines “each side”, and “management” is very detailed, what is required is best to go to the appropriate shrine to go more spiritual. Couple shrines, as the name implies is to pray for the harmony of couples, happy marriage, very popular, in addition to each shrine’s unique Ema and Gosho, there are many creative souvenirs, such as water to show the blessing of the “white paper” and so on

How to get there

Nara Kotsu Bus “Kasuga Taisha Honden” bus stop, Gurutto Bus Omiya-dori route (runs almost all year round), Gurutto Bus Wakakusa-sanroku route (limited service days), 5 minute walk southeast from “Kasuga Taisha Honden” bus stop


Free of charge


Here is mainly a prayer for marriage. Seeing the prayers for a good marriage in many different languages, I couldn’t help but break out into an aunt’s smile.

There are many, many such prayer signs, and it is super sweet to think about. Here, you and your lover write down your hopes for a better life and your expectations for each other’s feelings, and each card is a proof of your true feelings. Thinking about it all, I think, wow, love is really beautiful it.

Couples Daikokusha is a shrine that seeks the success of love, harmony between husband and wife, and the longevity of life. That’s why the ema is in the shape of a pink peach heart, filled with good wishes for eternal happiness. Such a good meaning of the shrine, how can miss the Royal Jubilee.

Kasuga Taisha goes inside there is a couple Daikokusha, you can experience water divination, put the divination paper in the water, slowly the top will show the fortune, divination paper with the symbol of Nara – deer, very cute.

In Kasuga Taisha and then walk a little way into the forest, a good place for couples to pray together, from this path through a little far, but very original, very quiet


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