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About Yoshikien

They consists of three gardens: the pond garden, the moss garden, and the tea ceremony garden.

The old-fashioned atmosphere creates a sense of silence and tranquility at once. The Japanese gardens are also characterized by their condensed features. The pond garden, “bridge” is a very important element of the Japanese garden, there are bridges and water, these small and large ponds with stones and shrubs of different heights around the pond form a harmonious garden scenery.

Moss garden, moss covered with stone paths, wet, and grass and trees into one, green environment gives you a rare refreshing and isolated feeling, moss has always been an important element to decorate the Japanese garden art. Tea ceremony garden, the Japanese have a tea ceremony culture, the habit of drinking tea and tea tasting, the water for making tea is also from the garden.

How to get there

Noboriojicho 60-1, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 630-8213


Adults 250yen


It is a beautiful garden, beautifully maintained. In fact there are three different gardens inside, such as a Japanese style garden with a pond and a hill overlooking it, and a quiet moss garden as well as a garden at the back. We took the morning train from Kinteysu Railway Nara Station and got off at the second stop, walking a short distance to the place for about 5 minutes before the gates opened (9:00 am). There is no entrance fee for foreigners to visit this place.

The first stop is Yoshikien Garden. Last year, I came here by mistake to look for the monument of Yoshikien, and was told by the aunt at the entrance that autumn is the most beautiful season, so I dragged Sia and her husband Ben here again. Sure enough, the Yoshikien Garden does not appear in its true form until autumn! The red leaves, yellow leaves, green bricks, green moss, and the gurgling water are a perfect match.

Foreigners can visit Yoshikien Garden for free by showing their passports and filling out a form. When I left, I went to see the aunt at the entrance again, the same one from last year, and praised her sincerely.

Yoshikien Garden is free for foreign visitors, and you can enter by filling out a questionnaire. After confirming our nationality, we were given a brief description of the garden in Chinese.

The garden is very, very quiet, with only two or three visitors. The garden is full of greenery.


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