How to get to Wakakusa Mountain

About Wakakusa Mountain

Wakakusa Mountain is right next to Nara Park, so I pedaled my bike and went there. As it turns out, Wakakakusa Mountain is a must-see! The scenery on the mountain is much more beautiful and different from the park. There are also deer on the way up, but the deer here are more natural. There are fewer people on the mountain than in the park. But because of this, it is more natural.

Although it is a mountain, it is actually shorter and more like a mound. When you get to the top of the mountain, there will be a reminder of the doppelganger, and the panoramic view of Nara will be very wide.

How to get there

35-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station;

Take bus No. 70 or No. 97 from JR Nara Station to Kasuga Taisha Honden Station, and walk for 15 minutes.





I came to Wakakusa Mountain just as the park opened, while not many people, quickly bought tickets, tickets are very friendly, 150 yen / person (less than 10 yuan equivalent), the staff is basically a woman level women, to the entrance of the park, was an aunt “stop”, she did not ask us to show tickets, but took me and my companion to a board In front

She explained to us the trail route and the time it takes, probably because she found us confused, and then started to explain to me again while talking and adding actions, this time she spoke very slowly and did not use long sentences, I could count the vocabulary on my fingers and easily understood the meaning expressed by the aunt for the second time

Wakakusa mountain is not big, the mountain height 342 meters, from low to high is divided into three slopes a heavy, two heavy, three heavy, the top of the mountain took about 30 minutes, and walk to the halfway position takes about fifteen minutes, follow the direction of the aunt pointing the path all the way up, gradually, the panoramic view of Nara gradually in front of the eyes, soon came to the halfway point, already enough to overlook the panoramic view of Nara, so there is no Continue to go up again.

Halfway down the hill was a flat grassy area, the hill didn’t look very high, and the entrance fee was only 100 yen, and there were still about two hours before sunset, so we bought tickets and entered the hill gate. A couple sat in the middle and took pictures.

There were cherry trees on both sides of the path, but the trees had already grown tender green leaves and the cherry blossoms had withered and turned into spring mud, nestling on the stone steps. We walked along the railings halfway up the hill towards the center of the lawn, but the railings were overgrown with weeds. Looking down the hill to the very far side, we could overlook the forest of buildings in Nara. The weather was a bit cloudy and the sun was shining through the clouds.

Because of the time, we had to leave behind the beautiful scenery and continue to the top of the mountain. The side of the stone staircase is full of woods, and a few cherry blossoms are occasionally set up on the side of the road, raining cherry blossoms with the wind. From time to time, there were birdsong in the forest, and the surrounding area became quiet.

When we finally reached the top of the hill, we picked a chair with a good view and sat down. The long breeze rose, the green silk danced, the city of Nara was in full view, and the setting sun pierced through the overcast clouds, casting a tilted pillar of light over the city.

Wakakusa Mountain has three small peaks, the names of which I do not remember, rather than peaks, the first two peaks are just a small gentle slope. On the way, we also encountered a lone road, self-possessed in grazing, the road down the mountain are no longer horns, only this one deer’s head horns stand proudly.


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