How to get to Kuribayashi Park

About Kuribayashi Park

It is located at the southern foot of Mount Shikumo in the southern suburbs of Takamatsu City, and consists of two gardens, one in the north and one in the south, with a total area of about 75 hectares. The garden has six ponds and 13 rockeries, and was a representative of the “backwater garden” in Japan in the early Edo period. The teahouse on the shore of Lake Minami was originally used by the lord of the feudal lords in the feudal era to serve tea to guests, but now it offers matcha tea and other snacks to visitors.

How to get there

3 minutes walk from Kuribayashi Park North Exit Station on the JR Taketoku Line

1-20-16 Kuribayashi-cho, Takamatsu City


The most famous and worthwhile attraction in Takamatsu is Kuribayashi Park. The park is naturally beautiful and needless to say, we met an old volunteer gentleman who enthusiastically gave us a guided tour, carefully introducing the history of the park in English, but actually he had a handwritten copy in Japanese, Chinese and English to read more clearly …… An interesting fact is that Kuribayashi Park was built to imitate West Lake and many of the attractions have similar names The names of many of the attractions are similar.

Kuribayashi Park is a 75-hectare garden with a history of more than 400 years, and is the largest of all the gardens designated as special places of interest in Japan. It has six ponds and thirteen rockeries skillfully distributed against the backdrop of the dark green Mount Shikumo. There are about 1,400 pine trees in Kuribayashi Park, about 1,000 of which were pruned by the craftsmen themselves.

The second time I visited Chestnut Grove Park, I chose to take a boat ride, and I enjoyed the lake from a different angle than the last time, and I had a different perspective of the same scenery. The uncle who rowed the boat gave each of us a small straw hat, and the instructions on the board were to avoid birds pooping on our heads, but I guess it was also a way to add fun. Haha, it’s cute, I don’t understand any of the other explanations, I recommend you to come.

The best landscape in Takamatsu City, divided into two parts of the north and south, part can be ignored, the other part definitely have to see, using part of the concept of Chinese gardens, combined with the characteristics of the country, when you ascend to the moment of the Feilai Peak, you will be amazed: a great view ah great view!

Not recommended to go, I walked from the Central Park for more than half an hour, walk over, the park is very large, is to see the trees to see the water, no guide to explain you can not feel the mood ah

Feeling is the most worthwhile attractions to go to Takamatsu. It is said to be built after the pattern of West Lake, which is a variety of small bridges and flowing water, the wild duck lake …… to the autumn, there are special lines to enjoy the leaves, it is worth stopping to enjoy, order a cup of hot tea, look at the lake in the rain, there is a special flavor.


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