【Taipei】Free lan spot in Taipei part1

There are a lot of free wireless LAN spot can be used in Taipei.

Here we introduce the cafe I go often.

Mr.Brown cafe is good free wireless LAN spot and there are many branches in Taipei City.

You just select MR. BROWN-COFFEE for the access point.

Mr.Brown cafe is the good place if you want to work with your personal computer outside .

Mr.Brown cafe

Please check their WEB .

and here is The other free wireless LAN cafe called Ueshima cafe which is from Japan.

Ueshima cafe

Their password is written in their receipt.
Please note that there are areas that do not receive the Lan waves is in the store.

ARTCO DE CAFE is a cafe where was buried in the art, the night of the weekend they hold a live, a surprisingly affordable, access is also available in a convenient Zhongshan area.

You can use free wireless LAN here. their breakfast is also good.


You can also use Starbucks free LAN but you need to buy a card.

You can Also connected in Songshan Airport and Taoyuan Airport.
There are also many places that offer free WIFI.
Please ask the shop staff for the password.

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