【Taipei】Dalong Street Night Market

Where are they Located?

Dalong Street Night Market is located at the front of the Confucius Temple. I think the sign is outstanding. so you can not miss it.

Here sounds pretty local. It is also good to visit here after the Confucius Temple worship.

Here is a mini night market of about length 200m. Visitors of this night market are mostly local people, you can enjoy the traditional taste of Taiwan here.


They are a night market but cars and motorcycles goes through the night market. Please be careful of cars.

The sidewalks are lined with dining table.

IMG_1504 IMG_1505

many Shops are open during the day.This is Tainan danzi noodle shop.moreover there are sheep meat restaurants etc. This night market has many sheep meat restaurants.

IMG_1508 IMG_1507

By the entrance of Dalong Street Night Market, restaurant called 『麻辣臭豆腐』 is a popular.

It is good to visit on the way of visiting to Confucius Temple. You can see the Normal life of Taipei people here.


Dalong Street Night Market

Access: yuanshan station exit 2
Dalong St, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

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