【Taipei】How to buy Taiwan high speed rail ticket at discount price.

You can buy Taiwan high speed rail ticket  from 28 days in advance.

some tickets are 35% off.  discount rates are depends on time. they are 10%,20% and 35% off.

off peak time are very reasonable. If you decide the date you take the train. I recommend you to book it in advance.

There is a English page too.

■How to book Taiwan high speed rail ticket at discount price.

Taiwan high speed rail

Taoyuan airport immigration speed up secret

At Taoyuan airport terminal 1, there is a secret way to speed up immigration line.

At Taoyuan airport terminal 1, you make a line by the counter.

Usually lines for foreign visitor is very long. and for taiwan citizen is very less.

so if you make a line the rightest side, you may be able to be invited to Taiwan citizen’s counter.  

see the pic. like this.

Taoyuan airport

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