【Taipei】Four Four South Village 四四南村

Where are they Located?

There is a village that was once referred to as a “military dependents’ village” on the back of the Taipei 101 “called Four Four South Village”.

Here used to be China military personnel and their family lived.

At the time of the armed forces, as they are constructed from China provinces of graduates, here has very unique culture. Village of people use different languages and has customs such as clothes , food culture etc. it was quite different from other Taiwan village.

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There are old-fashioned relics museum so you can feel Taiwan’s life.
they are approximately 4150 square meters located on-site,has special exhibition hall and military dependents’ village pavilion, and cultural park, including Chinese restaurant, you can visit here for free.

flea market is open on Sunday. as It is good photo shooting spot here, you may see some models who are being taken photo.

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Around them there is a park. It is just like an oasis of a little city.




Four Four South Village
address:No. 50, Songqin St, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110


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