【Taipei】Go to northernmost tip of Taiwan.

Where are they Located?

northernmost tip of Taiwan is Lighthouse called Fuguei Cape 富貴角燈塔.

How to get to there is that you take (862 or 863) bus from MRT Danshui station, and get off at lighthouse hole, then walk.

Is takes about 15 minutes walk from the entrance of the park.

It is free to enter.

This sign is landmark.entered the park,and then Walk by the sea side.
It is so comfortable as scenery is beautiful.

There were people who were fishing on the rocks. 

I think that here is a very great place.when The weather is good day, sunset is very beautiful.


From MRT Dansui station, take (862,863)bus.


Fuguei Cape

Tapien Point, Shimen District, New Taipei City, 253


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