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In Japan it is amazing that so many ID photo machines especially at the train station. I some times have use these machines,and very good quality and speed! Japanese quality is very high!

This is the ID photo machine called “Ki-Re-i”. Kirei  literally means beauty!


You can choose the perfect format to use for ID card, passport or driving license for example.

20150714_154408_869 20150714_154350_234

Choose the type of the photo,then insert coin or bill.

20150714_154329_377 20150714_154436_723

This machine has English service so, foreigners have no worry to use in case that you don’t understand Japaense.

20150714_154452_641 20150714_154512_268

Choose skin condition etc. then take a photo!

20150714_154627_269 20150714_154713_842

The price is usually between 600 and 800 yen, and the operation is quite easy . In a few minutes the photo will be ready.  The quality is very high and beautiful!

URL: http://www.dnpphoto.jp/corp-customer/kirei/


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