How to wear Yukata

Most importantly, when you wear Yukata, ensure that concealing your clothing.

Choosing the length of hipline:

Hold here to quantify the length from inward skirt.

Ensure bring minimal higher toward the end point.


Hold down with external skirt. Likewise, bring minimal higher toward the end.

Repair the length from hip to heel.

Tie hip with inward string:

Tie on the sidebone, not around waist.

Tie the inward string tight so that Yukata never turn into the worn out.

Conforming posterior:

Conform the length by putting hand from within Yukata.

Pull back outside and repair the wrinkle.


This is vital to make the line of back focus straight.

Make space at back-neckline around one held hand.

For the short hair parson, make it minimal more tightly.

Conforming front:

Make “Hashori” (Edge twist) by hand from inside.

Repair the line straight here, as well.

Repair the front neckline this much. Just beneath throat. Not very open, not to tight.

Tie center line.

When it is too free, alter it after tie center rope.

At that point, wear “Datejime” (inward belt).

Wearing “Obi” (belt):

Alter the wind length. It is minimal longer than shoulder.

Begird twice then tie solid once.

Fix the length of the wings.

The length of the wings will be same as the shoulder line.

At that point, twist it couple times, and repair in the inside.

Utilize the wind to begird. Give it access to the center part.

Pull sideway to take care of. Put the remaining part in Obi.

At that point, move it posterior.

Wrapping up:

Put “Obiita” (Belt plate) within Obi to repair the belt.

Wrap up!


Tie inward line extremely solid.

Make “Hashori” part not very long. It ought to be around 3cm (1.5 inch). It’s not wonderful on the off chance that it’s too long.

Modify the front neckline with V-shape.

Try not to make back neckline too wide.

Delete the posterior wrinkle. Ensure the back focus straight.

Obi must be truly tight.


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