Visiting House manner

Going by House in Japan is altogether different from western style. Here is the rundown of things you ought to remember.

Before enter

Take off coat, cap, gloves, and suppressor at the external door before you ring the chime. In the event that you continue wearing them and meet the house proprietor, it will give them a chance to think that they needed to hold up outside in such a chilly climate. Likewise, set them back on after you left the house, unless they “please wear them”.


Inside the entryway

Close the entryway totally and say “Ojamashimasu (for thank you for welcoming me your home).” Make beyond any doubt you need to close the entryway totally before say this. Hold up until the proprietor say “Dozo (Please),” then you remove your shoes. When you remove your shoes, DO NOT pivot and demonstrate your back on them. Put your shoes side and adjust well.



Three: Always bring a few gifs. Nourishment or desserts will be one of the best decision for this blessing.


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