【Taipei】MRT Xiaobitan Station is station for photo shooting

Where are they Located?

MRT Xiaobitan Station was opened on September 29, 2004 .

As MRT station in Taipei ,they has been built in the highest position.
There is also outdoor escalator in the most high place in Taiwan, is a 14.45m and 16.52m, and direct access to the fourth floor of height.

This station is a station where defines the English name for the first time Chinese pinyin and Spoken pinyin in Taipei MRT.

Here is the entrance of MRT Xiaobitan Station. The ground has become a new stores vehicle base (Hsintien machine Factory).

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 They operate at 4-5 interval to 1 hour.
In front of the station, there is small park.
Because it is built in the high position, the view from the train station is nice.

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There are people who come here to take a photograph of the railway at this station.
Patrons of the station is the average 3,550 people / day.


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