【Taipei】How to buy text books for TOCFL

Where are they Located?

text books for TOCFL(華語文能力測驗) are hard to get. I think it is very difficult to buy in your country.

You need to go a specialty store. but sometime Those specialty store has not handle the text books for sc-top(華語文能力測驗). There are not many online too.  Gereneral books store in Taiwan do not sell them.

So here, I will introduce where you can buy the text books.

They are called Lucky book store(師大書苑).they are located near shida.
IMG_1182 IMG_1181

They are small book store located at 2F.

IMG_1183 IMG_1184

it costs you 200 yuan with CD.


IF you come by shida, pls have a look them.


Open: 9:30am~6:00pm

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