【Taipei】Dadaocheng Wharf is a good spot to take airplane photo.

Where are they Located?

Dadaocheng Wharf is situated on the banks of the Tamsui River , and is situated near no.five sluice gate (near the intersection of the ring Hebei Road and Minsheng West Road).

In the past, traders in each country had been established their company in this land, now only floodgates is left, here has become the rest of the spot for taipei citizens.

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In recent years .at Dadaocheng Wharf, fireworks launch has been done in such as October 10. Also cycling road has been built along the river, you can enjoy the riverside of cycling.

You can come by UBIKE, or you can borrow a rental cycle here.

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In addition, since water bus also has come out, you go Danshui from here.
It looked really great. Since the airplane is also visible,and is popular as shooting spot.

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there is a monument of ship, cycling road and park.
I feel the wind. 

Going there, 15-minute walk from MRT Shuanglian Station Exit 2. Or take 518 bus ,and get off at Minsheng West Road-rolled flat north road.
You can also go from the MRT Ohashi Bridge Station Exit 1.

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