【Taipei】smelly smelly pot meal

Where are they Located?

I went to eat smelly smell pot meal. they are called smelly smelly pot meal but not smelly actually.

By the way they have many branched, so check it out.


you fill in order sheet, and give it to clerk. rise and ice cream you can eat as much as you like.
Their price is very reasonable, one pot meal by one person.

You can order udon noodle too. it is very healthy as a lot of vegetables inside.

chou4 chou3

kimuchi udon pot meal, It cost 130nt$.

This is a colon odor smell pot.

In The pot, there are many vegetables, I stuffed myself with this pot meal.

you can add toppings as you like.


I saw another pot meal restaurant nearby.
Taste good but cost is high. no rice and no free drink, and moreover service fee is charged.

IMG_1233 IMG_1234



Address: No. 50, Lane 119, Linsen N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104


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