【Taipei】Huahsi Night Market

Where are they Located?

I went to the most mysterious night market in taipei  called Huahsi Night Market.

I think you can not miss it because there is an arcade. Here is a Night Market which has Long arcade is followed by.

Here is not outdoor night market like Shilin one, Huaxi Night Market is inthe arcade.
Here has not stalls but permanent shops.


There is a strange atmosphere in this Huahsi Night Market

Eating Snakes and snapping turtle is a”food and medicine”.

IMG_1553 IMG_1552

Eating Snake be able to remove the body of heat, it has been recommended to be effective in acne and pimples.

Here has many massage shops as well.

IMG_1556 IMG_1551

By the way there is a road, but there is also further arcade in the back.


Most of foods restaurant are seafood one.


Previously here was red-light district so in order to improve the environment in this place, government establish this night market.


Huahsi Night Market

Address:Huaxi St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108
Access:MRT「Longshan temple station」exit 1 

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