How to get to Holland Slope

About Holland Slope

Holland Slope, located in Nagasaki City, is a 20-minute bus ride from Nagasaki Station. Don’t worry about not knowing which station you’re at, as the ticket descriptions clearly indicate where to get off at each site. After getting off the bus, follow the signs and walk for five minutes.

On the left side is a school, and on the right side is a small memorial, and the cherry trees at the entrance are very beautiful when they are in full bloom. Here is actually a great historical significance, but the scenery is a slope, do not expect to see any special wonderful Oh, the Catholic Church is not far from here, you can go to feel a little.

How to get there

Take Nagasaki Electric Railway and get off at Citizen’s Hospital Mae Station, then walk about 250m to the station.


A long stretch of hill with many western buildings and embassies of various countries is a must-see on the way to Koraba-en.

Dutch Slope is located in Higashi Sante-cho, Nagasaki City, and is the former site of the foreigners’ residence, and the stone walls of the foreign embassies on the slope are covered with green vines.

In the old days, all Westerners were called “Dutch” in Nagasaki, so the slope where they lived naturally became the Dutch Slope. The streets and buildings of the foreigners in the old days are preserved in Dutch Slope, and the whole road is paved with stone slabs.

Old clothes are given out for free on the street, so if you need them, please take them home. It’s so simple to be environmentally conscious.

Very nice flowers, very nice street.

Dutch Slope is a very quiet street near the Oura Catholic Church. It was named Dutch Slope because many foreigners lived nearby when the gateway to Nagasaki was opened, and they would pass by this road during weekend services.

This road is very quiet and pleasant, with a lot of vegetation and flowers on both sides of the road and various small houses, making it very pleasant to stroll around.


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