How to get to Toujin house,Nagsaki

About Toujin house,Nagsaki

This was a product of the Edo-era lockdown policy. Non-Christian Chinese merchants would have been able to live freely in and out of Nagasaki. With the increase of trade between China and Japan, a large number of Chinese merchants came to the port of Nagasaki. The area was destroyed by fire in 1784, and was abolished in 1859 after the establishment of the Kaioku policy. 1870, the Chinese established the present China Street in the area next to it.

The area is now protected by the Japanese government, and the Tojin-do, Kannon-do, and Tin Hau-do, as well as the Hokkien Kaikan, which was established in 1868 by the people of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, have been preserved forever as cultural treasures.

How to get there

Tram (No.1 line Nagasaki Station – Chikumachi): about 8 minutes, on foot (Chikumachi stop – Tojin Yashiki site): 7 minutes

Tojin Yashiki Dori, Nagasaki


The four points inside are relatively far apart, and there is nothing ornamental about the other houses except for the four spots.

A better reflection of the form of Chinese living in Nagasaki during the Ming and Qing dynasties, many of the buildings inside are Chinese architectural patterns from the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the local Japanese architecture yo obvious style differences

Chinese merchants first bought in Nagasaki, Fujian style, almost all of Nagasaki’s buildings are Fujian style.

A very long time a mansion .

The Confucius Temple in Nagasaki has a deep historical connection with China, and there is a sculpture of Confucius inside. I didn’t go inside because of the time.

Because there were many Fujianese merchants who came to Nagasaki to do business (at that time Japan was locked up and only Chinese were allowed to do business in Japan), the temples and halls here are very close to the Fujianese style. This shows the prosperity of Sino-Japanese trade.


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