How to get to Matsumoto Castle

About Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle, also known as “Ujo Castle”, is located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The castle is one of the twelve existing Tensho Castle in Japan and is designated as a National Treasure by the Japanese government, along with Himeji Castle, Inuyama Castle, and Hikone Castle. The castle is a typical flat castle, with the main pillar, Ninomaru, and Sannomaru castles being roughly square in shape, with Tensho set in the southwestern part of the main pillar, surrounded by the concave Ninomaru to the north, and then surrounded by the quadrangular Sannomaru to the outside. Each citadel is surrounded by a moat, and is designed as a combination of terraced and wheeled citadels.

Matsumoto Castle has a unique complex of linked tenshu, with five levels on the exterior and six steps on the interior of the Great Tenshu. The north side of the castle is connected to the Gango yagura, and the east side is connected to the Tatsumi yagura and Tsukimi yagura. Among them, Tsukimi-yagura was a place to enjoy the moon and had a corridor with vermilion lacquer railings, so it was less defensive. Among the surviving ancient cities in Japan, Matsumoto Castle is the only castle where Tsukimi Yagura was built within the Tensho complex. Nowadays, a park has been built around Matsumoto Castle with many precious flowers and trees, and the beautiful scenery is available all year round, making it a good place for citizens to relax and visit.

How to get there

(1)Approximately 20 minutes by car from the Matsumoto IC of the Nagano Expressway
(2)Get off at JR “Matsumoto Station” and walk about 20 minutes.
(3)From JR Matsumoto Station, take the Utsukushi-ga-hara Onsen Line, Asama Line, Okada Line, or Alps Park Line and get off at Matsumoto Castle or City Hall.


Open:8:30~16:30 Open all year round
Closed:8:30~16:30 Open all year round / Closed at the end of the year


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