How to get on Toyakama LRT

The Toyama LRT is a track and rail line of the Toyama Local Railway that connects the Toyama Station stop in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, to Iwasehama Station in the same city.

The concept of Toyama Light Rail is “to promote livable urban development through the development of a high-quality public transportation system. This section introduces Toyama Light Rail, a new initiative pioneered by the nation as the first LRT (light rail) in Japan.

6 routes in total

There are a total of six city train lines.

Route 1 (Minami Toyama Ekimae – Toyama Station)

Route 2 (Minami Toyama Ekimae – Toyama Daigaku-mae)

Route 3 (Loop Line)

Route 4 (Iwasehama – Minami Toyama Ekimae)

Line 5 (Iwasehama – Toyama Daigaku-mae)

Line 6 (Iwasehama – Loop Line)

There are many trains in operation, and they run every 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the route. It is a great way to use the trains without worrying about waiting for the next one.

The city tram fare is a flat fare of 210 yen for adults and 110 yen for children.

It is easy to understand for those who ride for the first time in Toyama.

Adults are junior high school students and older, and children are elementary school students and younger.

How to get on the tram

City trains are “medium-ride, front-load, pay later (flat fare)”.

There are various types of cars running, but the way to ride is the same.

(1) Wait for the train to arrive at the station.
(2) When you get on the train and it departs from the station one station before the station where you want to get off, press the stop button located at various places in the car.
(3) When you get off the train, put the fare into the fare box by the driver.

The fare is 210 yen for adults and 110 yen for children, regardless of the distance.

<Transit information that is useful to know

Transfers are available between Minami Toyama Station, the University area, the City Loop Line, and the Toyama Port Line.

When transferring, tell the driver of the previous train that you are transferring and you will receive a transfer ticket.

If you transfer at a designated stop (Marunouchi or Nakamachi) within 30 minutes, the fare for the destination you are transferring to will be waived.

Special Tickets

If you are planning to visit Toyama City by tram, we recommend the “Gurutto Gourmet Guri Coupon”.

This is a special ticket that includes a coupon for unlimited one-day ride on the city tram (streetcar) and Toyama Port Line, and a coupon that can be exchanged for Toyama’s specialty trout sushi (size: 1/8 slice) or delicious Toyama sweets.

The fare is 210 yen per adult regardless of the distance, so you can get your money’s worth if you ride 5 times!

The coupon that can be exchanged for trout sushi and sweets comes with 2 coupons (for ¥1,000, 5 coupons for ¥1,500), so it is even more economical.

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