【Ramen】The Royal Family style Tonomaruya

What is Odoukei (The Royal Family style )?

The Royal Family style is originally thick and punchy, so if you order it thicker, it will probably be much thicker.

There are many condiments and things you would put on rice on the table. There are three kinds of garlic alone.

I like the many sheets of nori. Is the chashu pork smoked? It looks good. The flavor was quite strong, but I enjoyed it to the end.

I purchased a meal ticket from the ticket machine inside the restaurant, waited inside until my seat was ready, and was immediately guided to the table.

Regular ramen

The noodles are homemade by the royal family and are short, medium-thick, straight noodles that are really easy to slurp and delicious.
The large, smoky chashu pork is moist, tender, and delicious.

Vegetable ramen

Vegetables are served hard and the noodles do not come out in the middle.
At first, I continue to eat the vegetables and then the noodles.
The noodles are also delicious.



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