【Ramen】Ie-kei ramen Seiya

Where are they Located?

Hello! Today I got to the Ramen Seiya Kashiwa store for the first time.

They are near from JR Kashiwa station. Since I wanted to eat Yokohama Ike-kei ramen and I was looking for it near the station. I found one near Kashiwa station east exit, next to the east of Sugun on the DayOne tower. It is such an appearance.

【Shinjuku】Ichiran Ramen kabukicho
Where are they Located? They are located in the middle of Kabukicho i...

The inside of the store has 4 people table and counter seat. There is a TV.

Here is thier menu.

Seiya set is ¥ 700 (Ramen & 3 dumplings & Rice)
This is a great set menu.
Ramen starts from \ 500. It is cheap.

You can choose the thickness of noodles. There are many people drinking beer.

The taste is delicious. After all Ie-kei ramen is the best. It seems to be bad for health but I like it.

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Seiya Kashiwa

1-6-5 kashiwa Kashiwa shi chiba
Open: 11:00am~2:30am(L.O)


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