What’s about Machidashoten?

Machida Shoten is a chain of restaurants that serves orthodox “Yokohama Ieke Ramen” with medium-thick noodles based on pork bone broth and soy sauce. We have opened stores mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa, but have also expanded into the Tokai and Kansai regions. The basic store name is “Machida Shoten,” but there are also many cases where the store name is the name of the area and the store name, such as “Yoyogi Shoten,” “Ikebukuro Shoten,” or “Yotsuya Shoten

Tickets are sold at the ticket machine.

Garlic and other toppings are on the table.

I was asked for my preference, so I ordered, thicker soup, and harder noodle.

The basic ramen menu is 700 yen (including tax), and comes topped with chashu pork, a quail egg, spinach, and three sheets of nori seaweed. Another great feature of the ramen is the choice of noodle hardness (firm, normal, or soft), flavor intensity (strong, normal, or light), and the amount of fat (heavy, normal, or light). It is a nice feature to be able to customize the taste to your liking.

The ramen that came out looked to be a cloudy, creamy, thick soup with a sharp soy sauce flavor and the mildness and richness of pork bones all blended together, not from the lineage of the original Yoshimura family, but from that of the Ichiroku family, the so-called Ichi-kei.


This is Tsukemen.

The garnish is one piece of nori and one piece of chashu pork, but since this bowl is the same one used for ramen, the amount of noodles is much larger than for normal ramen.

I ate some of the dipping sauce and was a bit surprised to find it to be normal seafood tonkotsu.
In the dipping sauce, there are thinly sliced chashu pork, onions, and bamboo shoots.
The noodles are probably different from regular ramen.
The noodles are not much different in terms of thickness, but I got the impression that these noodles are made with whole wheat flour.

The staff is very energetic and courteous!



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