【Ramen】Azabu Ramen

About Azabu Ramen

You can eat ramen with the taste of a food stall. In addition to ramen, fried rice and set meals are also available. Some stores are open late at night.

There are the main store, Azabu Juban store, Nishiazabu store, Keio Mita store, and Shiba 4-chome store.

When you enter the restaurant, there is a long counter and some table seats in the back. The smell of tonkotsu (pork bone broth) fills the air.

Back oil chia cha cha Chashu pork Menma seaweed Hot soup Simple ramen.

The thick, sludgy soup was impressive.

The noodles were medium thick. The back fat was well mixed with the noodles.

On the table, there are leek and spicy bean sprouts. The spicy bean sprouts are spicy, so be careful not to add too much

The ramen is a general ramen, but it is a pretty gutsy ramen restaurant, so I think it is useful when you are tired or very hungry. It is always crowded, so it is probably a popular restaurant.



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