About Korakuen

Korakuen operates 415 directly managed ramen restaurants nationwide (as of December 31, 2020). The company specializes in roadside restaurants located along national highways and other major roads. Hidakaya has 437 stores (as of the end of November 2020). The company mainly opens stores in front of train stations, shopping malls, and other downtown areas.

Touch panel ordering (post-payment, various credit cards/electronic money)

A wide variety of ramen noodles are available, from basic Chinese soba noodles to chicken shiranyu and tanmen.

There is also a wide variety of dishes such as gyoza set menus and children’s menus.

Set Lunch

The half and half fried rice was delicious and filling.
The dumplings are half and half, so there are three pole dumplings and three vegetable dumplings.


It is rich and delicious.
Half-boiled egg and chicken are also good.
The soup is concentrated with animal, ginger and garlic.

You can order large bowls of noodles and toppings, and you can also eat guts in the morning.

You can also order regular ramen in the morning!

Korakuen’s Chinese noodle classic is simple and tasty with a flavor that you will never get tired of, so we hope you will try it too.



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