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About Nagahama Ramen

Nagahama Ramen was invented for the workers in the Nagahama Market in order to serve ramen quickly and inexpensively. To achieve this, thin noodles that cook quickly and the affordable “second serving (ball) of noodles (to add to previously purchased ramen)” style of ramen were invented. Another feature of the ramen is that “ramen soup” is placed on the table to make up for the soup that has been diluted by second serving (ball) of noodles (to add to previously purchased ramen)


I ordered Nagahama Ramen with (balikata). The ingredients are a piece of chashu pork, kikurage mushrooms, iwanori (seaweed), and green onions. The chashu pork is just the right amount of firmness and is very satisfying and tasty. The kikurage mushrooms are cut thin and have a nice crunchy texture. The rock seaweed adds a nice accent to the dish, spreading the aroma of the sea throughout.

The chashu pork here is shredded and has a texture similar to sea chicken. The soup is hard to see with so many green onions, but it is quite clear. In fact, it is a clear pork bone broth with a refined taste and a good amount of pork fat, making it a soup you want to keep drinking for a long time.

It is a soup that I would like to keep drinking. However, if you are used to thick Hakata ramen, you may not be satisfied when you come here.



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