【Ramen】Ramen Nichigetsudo

This Ramen restaurant specializes in miso ramen.

Ordering is by meal ticket style! Order at the entrance. As expected of a restaurant specializing in miso ramen, there are four different types of miso ramen to choose from.

Miso Ramen

This is “Miso Ramen”.

Toppings include bean sprouts, seasoned eggs, corn, onions, chives, etc…

The medium-thick, frizzy noodles are excellent in the rich, thick soup.
The wooden bamboo spoon is quite large! You can add various seasonings to it and enjoy changing the flavor as a mini ramen.

Spicy red onion miso ramen

The miso has a slightly thicker, aged taste.

It was a bit thick because of the back fat, but not too thick.

The spicy red onion accentuated the flavor and made it addictive.



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