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About Peyoung Sauce Yakisoba

Peyoung’s Sauce Yakisoba, a long-selling product for over 40 years, is a pioneer in the cup yakisoba category. It is well-known for its catch copy, “Square face but mild taste. The square container, reminiscent of yakisoba in street stalls, is commonplace today, but Peyoung was the first to introduce it.

Peyoung was also the first to introduce the big 90g noodle, at a time when the amount of noodle in a cup was usually around 60g. It can be said that Peyoung laid the foundation for cup yakisoba.

The package is like this.

Peyoung is the most popular cup yakisoba, and it has always had the same delicious taste that makes me want to eat it every once in a while.
There are many different flavored versions, but I think this plain flavor is the best.
The method of draining the water has also been improved to make it very easy to do.

The taste is the same as it has always been. The cabbage is also as flavorful as ever. It is good that the container specifications have been changed to make it easier to drain the water. I often add red pickled ginger to my bowl. The quantity is just right, so I use it for lunch.

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