【noodle】I tried to eat Nissin UFO Yakisoba.

I tried to eat Nissin UFO Yakisoba.

This is a very famous yakisoba that Japanese people who do not know it.This is a staple product for cup noodle.

The package looks like this.

There are two liquid sources, sprinkled. There are many types of fried meat and vegetables that are included in the package. fried meat and vegetables are type that comes with noodles.

Wait 3 minutes.

This is a bowler that hot water is easy to throw away.

Although This is a dry-type sauce taste, I also feel some sweetness like a rich sauce. It’s kind a sour type.

This is a medium thick fried noodle, but this is very texture that does not seem like very fried noodle. This is a popular cup fried noodles so far.

Sprinkling is very orthodox, and it was simple and compatible. This is a cup fried noodles quite popular among foreigners.

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